Motorcycle Tracking

We have specialized in offering GPS Solution for motorcycle tracking, as a vehicle category mostly subject to theft and in the same time highly used by businesses for delivery purposes.

We use the latest technology and high quality waterproof products, resistant to most outside factors, to which motorcycles are an easy target. All standard features for GPS Tracking are included

Full knowledge about the location of your motorcycles (analytical & visual)
Full mobility of control (anytime, anywhere) from any device connected to internet
Full knowledge about the state of your motorcycles (started, stopped, idled)
Monitor driving behavior (speed, track points visited, moving schedule, area defined, etc)
Define Points of Interest / Areas of Interest and track the number of visits
Increase efficiency, responsiveness through reports and alerts.

Applications / Industries

Every company that performs its distribution activity through motorcycles, can associate to this category. Particular role here play the points of interest. Information retrieved from the GPS service can be used to increase efficiency and improve service.

Motorcycle tracking solution has found a spread use in intercity services which require fast transfer of small deliveries. Proton offers high-quality service which enables security of every package transfer.

Security companies and patrolling services use motorcycles widely. Whether while escorting armored cars or important personalities, or during routine check of certain points of interests, GPS application in this category is high and rewarding.

Sportive activities, races, explorations, etc. will have an extra element of security while participants enjoy their activity.

Especially for motorcycle owners who are worried about the safety of their motorcycle, Proton offers a reliable, easy-to-use GPS system which ensures immediate allocation of the vehicle in cases of theft or loss.