Truck Tracking

Always on the move, freight trucks traverse long distances carrying indispensable goods at different customers or terminals. Security of these trucks and reaching destination within target time is crucial. Proton Truck Tracking Solution allows efficient allocation of resources (trucks and people) and reduction of managerial and operational costs, while increasing security and responsiveness.

Latest Technology
Dedicated sensors
Temperature in refrigerator compartment
Tire pressure
Door Opening
All standard features for GPS Tracking are included

Full knowledge about the location of your trucks (analytical & visual)
Full mobility of control (anytime, anywhere) from any device connected to internet
Full knowledge about the state of your fleet (started, stopped, idled)
Monitor driving behavior (speed, track points visited, moving schedule, area defined, etc)
Define Points of Interest / Areas of Interest and track the number of visits
Awareness of fuel consumption for every period of time
Reduced downtime
Increase efficiency, responsiveness through reports and alerts.
Control where/when/for how long have your trucks been loading and unloading.
Keep high standards and get notified in real-time about changes of temperature (if it applies) beyond norms defined.
Control all parameters of interest straight to your phone/ tablet /computer etc.

Construction Companies
Oil Companies
Fuel Transport
Cement Transport 
Utility companies 
Construction companies