Person Localization

The health of our dearest ones is very important to each of us and just because we cannot be physically with them the whole time, it does not mean that we cannot distantly keep an eye on them. Parents need to be sure about the safety of their children, others need to take care of their elders; there might be necessity to look after someone with health problems.

If you manage groups of tourists, you already know the difficulties in keeping the group all together. While someone wants to climb the Eiffel tower the other wants to enjoy a drink down the Champs Élysées avenue. Are you managing sportsmen like runners or similar activities? Then you probably need this tool. Does your business require that you locate your personnel, agreeing beforehand with them?

Using the personal locator, you are aware at all times where your resources are. You can use this information for safety purposes, for controlling purposes, or for deriving results that increase efficiency.

Latest Technology
Small, mobile device
Easy portable device

Safety of your loved ones
In tourism: security, time efficiency in managing groups of tourists
In sports: increased security and efficient management
In personnel tracking: Efficiency, Responsiveness

People with health problems
Mobile groups like tourists